Unlocker / License not detected

In some rare cases it can happen that the license is suddenly not detected anymore. Below are a couple of tips to fix this

Internet access is required to validate the license.
Clear the cache of the Google Play Store / Google Play Services app since the license info is cached in these apps.
If clearing the cache did not work try to reinstall the app.
If you have multiple google accounts on your device make sure that you have installed the app using the same account as the one you used to buy the application.
In case you are using an app called Lucky Patcher... It breaks google playstore license checks and you probably need to disable the "in app emulation" option inside that app.

I can't connect to Kodi

There are several reasons why you may not be able to connect to Kodi. Below there are a couple of things you can check to find out what the reason is

First verify that you have followed Kodi Setup Instructions. Then the server icon on top left in the menu drawer should be colored in green. If it is orange or red there is a configuration problem.
Verify that your android device is connected to your wifi network.
Test if you are able to open the Kodi web interface using a browser from your android device using http://kodi_ip:kodi_port (For example ). If that does not work try to open the Kodi web interface using a browser on your media center pc (if you have a browser installed). If it only works locally you have a network issue (e.g. Firewall is blocking connection).
The web server port is already in use by another application on your machine (e.g. Skype, Sickbeard, Sabnzbd). Try to use a different port for the web server.
In case the server icon on top right is orange and you have enabled all settings in Kodi. (Especially System -> Service Settings -> Control -> Allow remote control by programs on other systems). It is possible that another application on your PC is already using the required TCP port 9090.

Empty Music/video section

The music and video sections only display content which is part of your Music, Movie or TVShow Library on Kodi. Your content needs to be scanned into the Kodi library.

Verify that you can connect to Kodi and that the server icon on top left in the menu drawer is green.
Verify that you have scanned / imported your content into the Kodi Library. The Kodi Wiki has instructions on how to import Music http://kodi.wiki/view/Adding_music_to_the_library and Video http://kodi.wiki/view/Set_content_and_scan

Empty/Incomplete playlists

The music section of the app does only display songs which are in your Kodi Library. This also applies to songs which are part of a playlists.

All files which are not part of your music library will be filtered out.
Files which are referenced using a different path in your playlist than they have been added to Kodi will be filtered out as well.
If you are using path substitution in advancedsettings.xml make sure that the path does match (Case Sensitive) the one defined in sources.xml. Otherwise Kodi will block access to the playlist because of a security restriction.

Empty play queue

If you are using the file section of the app to queue media items you will see an empty queue in the app. The reason is that the queue is locally on the device and currently only intended for music files. The local queue allows quickly switching music playback between Kodi and local playback.
You have multiple solutions to view the queue.

In the payed version there is an option called "Kodi Queue". If enabled it will use the internal Kodi queues instead of the local queue.
Open the remote drawer on the right side and long-press Music. This will display the current queue directly in Kodi.

Streaming is not working

Some users are not able to stream music or video from Kodi to their device. Most of the time it is due to a security restriction added in Kodi 12.x which prevents accessing files over the webserver which are not inside one of the defined sources in Kodi. Usually this happens if media is stored on an external hard drive which is often the case if you have a small box like a raspberry pi.

You can reproduce it the following way

1 Go to music -> files
2 Access your external usb drive and browse to your music folder
3 Use the context menu to scan the music folder into the library
4 Files are present in the library and you can play them on Kodi
5 If you try to stream one of these files it will fail because there is no source defined in Kodi

How to fix it:

1 Go to music -> files
2 Add your usb drive or the subfolder with your music as a new source

Note: The app tries to warn the user if it detects this issue and displays a notification with instructions on how to fix it.

Can't change playback speed

Changing playback speed in Kodi is only supported of the following setting is enabled

settings -> player -> videos -> sync playback to display


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